Once upon a time Ellis Island was the first port of call for new arrivals to the United States. Before being officially registered and granted entry, immigrants were legally and medically inspected on the island located in the New York Harbor. During its years of service between 1892 and 1954, an breathtaking excess of 12 million steerage and third class steamship passengers were processed here. While the footfall of people wanting to make the USA their home has been relocated to airports, Ellis Island still boasts streams of people on its land in the form of tourists and culture seekers. Home to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, which is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument, this historical location is now dedicated to preserving the past, journeys and stories of all those who crossed what is still known as America's premier immigration station. On display are an array of photographs, interactive displays and changing temporary exhibits which bring the immigration experience to life, along with the unmissable and award winning documentary, ‘Island of Hope, Island of Tears.’ With the only way to get to the island by ferry, visitors are also treated to the added bonus of the exact point of view of the arriving immigrants themselves which includes front row seats to the Statue of Liberty. With a similar mission as ours in preserving and recreating history in a sense, this certainly sounds like the ideal Cockpit USA day out!