This week's installation of See America will not have you travelling far and wide - at least not if you are located on Cockpit USA HQ's stomping ground of NYC and especially not in the aftermath July 4 celebrations! Located on W53rd St between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, MoMA is an educational and cultural institution dedicated to the world of modern art. With an astonishing permanent collection which includes the crowd pleasing The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet’s enchanting Water Lilies and a selection of Frida Kahlo's enigmatic works there's no shortage of reasons to idle an afternoon away in midtown. However, in addition to the plethora of iconic pieces the temporary exhibitions provide refreshing and thought provoking insights into the contemporary art world's take and interpretations of the changing texture of life as we know it, be it politically or socially. Currently on show is James Rosenquist's F-111, a dazzling 86-foot-long, bold wrap around painting featuring a F-111 aircraft so we're sure it will be up any Cockpit USA blog readers street! As an extra tip, on Fridays between the hours of 4-8pm, the museum welcomes the public at no entry cost. Be sure to check it out!