While summer may bring cloudless skies, autumn a golden palette of colors and winter festive cheer, spring is truly the season of new beginnings. What better way to see the blossoming trees and blooming landscape with a roadtrip across the diverse Route 1 terrain? The picturesque route spans the outer edge of Maine, traversing its rocky coastline, low lying mountains and scenic seaside sights. Setting off at the southernmost point of Route 1, the road ahead holds Kittery, a haven of fashion outlets for a generous dose of retail therapy, then on to Portland, the 'Foodiest Small Town of America' as awarded by Bon Appétit magazine, for Maine's famous culinary offerings. Veering north, the road passes through Danforth, home to the breathtaking 'million dollar view' of East Grand Lake, the saltwater falls of West Pembroke and continuing on the weeklong journey, the history of Maine unveils itself in the small towns and villages which line the coastal route. National parks, landmark forts, lighthouses and antique shops provide a feast for the eyes while Maine's famed seafood restaurants provide one for the belly! By far the most exciting way to see the best Maine has to offer, Route 1 is a path peppered with unforgettable wonders. As the renowned novelist Jack Kerouac once wrote, 'the road is life', so hit Route 1 for an unforgettable, all-American adventure!