It is premiere location for the training of US Navy undergraduates and the first port of call in their adventure on the seas thus making the US Naval Academy a must see for military buffs. Perfectly located in the capital of Maryland, Annapolis which is considered the 'Sailing Capital of the World', the college welcome visitors all around the year. Guided tours are a plenty and the visitor center boasts interactive exhibits, but the main attraction commences at 12.05pm in the form of the daily formation. During this 20 minute display, 4000 midshipmen and midshipwomen march in unison in the plaza and around their massive dormitory in a dazzling show that must be seen to be believed. Believe us at Cockpit USA - we've seen it! 52 King George Street Annapolis, Maryland 21402 Phone 410-293-8687 (Tour) Fax 410-293-3365