Don't let the January blues get you down! We may be in the midst of winter and snow storms may very well be on the horizon, but there's no reason to suffer from chills or shivers - especially with Cockpit USA's extensive shearling flight jacket collection! Among our favorites is the 100 Mission B-3 Jacket. Crafted with the greatest accuracy to a combat worn garment that has seen at least 100 missions over enemy territory, this B-3 jacket cannot be distinguished from one over 60 years old in age! Featuring a body of American shearling full fur sheepskin specially treated to give the look and feel of an aged and authentic garment, this jacket resembles a true piece of history. Fine tuned in all its features, it boasts a single horsehide front patch pocket, horsehide covered reinforced sleeves with original Air Force shoulder decal and shoulder tabs on which officers rank may be attached. Vintage labeling, heavy latigo aged leather belting straps on each side of the waist and heavy belting straps around the snap down shearling collar (another original feature) makes this a classic must have. Grab yours here!