During WWII, the ‘battle worn’ look of a pilot’s jacket alone told a tale of bravery. The cracks in the leather, creases in the sleeves and distressed detailing proved to be a visual reflection of courage and heroism. Inspired by and in homage to this particular notion, Cockpit USA recreated this effect in the form of the ‘100 Mission’ jacket. Crafted using vintage lambskin and featuring purposely made surface irregularities and natural graining to recreate a weather-beaten appearance; this piece is as close to the original article without the need for battle as possible! In addition, with continued wear, the color of the leather will lighten and its texture will become richer, adding to the vintage characteristics of the jacket. Proudly made in the USA according to A-2 military specified detailing, this jacket is replete in authenticity and does not contain fibrefill or bulky insulation, making it suitable for all seasons and particularly perfect for warmer climates. Along with being symbolic of the valour of pilots in battle, the aged look of this jacket is also on trend in regards to contemporary fashion. Be sure to grab yours here today!