The M-43 field jacket is first and foremost a true piece of historical battle attire. First introduced in 1944 on the beaches of Normandy, right up until the end of the war in 1945, this jacket was a second skin to the brave GI’s of the Allied American Armies. Continuing its reign and colorful history, the M-43 was worn by both air forces and infantry during the occupation of post WWII Europe as well as in combat in the hills of Korea during the 1950s. Designed to suit servicemen’s needs for a well-fitted, warm jacket with the potential for added optional extras such as a hood and liner system, this field jacket provided it all. We at Cockpit USA are such fans of the jacket we produced a version, the Omaha Beach M-43 in its simplest form. Reproduced according to the slimmer fitting style of the 1940s original, this jacket is crafted from high-count 100% dense cotton poplin and boasts interior pockets and a soft cotton military specified label along with the contemporary addition of a bi-swing gusset behind the arm for ease and comfort of movement. For an added authentic touch, we even gave the jacket the Cockpit USA signature broken in look treatment, making it as close a model as possible of the original. Grab yours today!