Strawser & Smith exist by the doctrine 'older is better.' Of course, we at Cockpit USA agree. Replete with American history, each piece of S&S furniture is constructed from vintage components, salvaged and reformed to produce a contemporary look and feel. Unique in their methods of manufacture, Strawser & Smith source parts from the Rust Belt factories of Detroit and Youngstown, once the heart of American industrialisation, and then, using good old fashioned craftsmanship the relics are refurbished to modern tastes in Cleveland, Ohio. Reminiscent of a museum, the Brooklyn based Strawser & Smith store is like a shrine to the golden years of industrial America, including pieces like a U.S. Navy Field Operations chair, hand drawn maps from the 1920s, a turn of the century medical cart and an early Kliegl Bros. stage light. Accomplished in preserving the past, Strawser and Smith disprove the common saying that 'they don't make them like they used to.' Now, thanks to S&S, they apparently do!

Strawser & Smith Inc 487 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211