Nestled in New Orleans, the National WWII Museum recounts the experience of, in their own words, "the war that changed the world". Firmly focused on the war as experienced by Americans, the museum is home to a treasure trove of exhibitions and activities which immerse visitors in the era. Like Cockpit USA, the aim is to preserve the memory of those who fought along with why they fought and the effects of the war in today's day and age. Included in the price of admission is access to the Malcolm S. Forbes Theater which features The Price for Peace and the Emmy Award-winning D-Day Remembered, which focus on the D-Day invasions at Normandy and in the Pacific. Along with two movies, the museum also boasts live war time music at The Stage Door Canteen in the form of a live exhibit. Our favorite part is the Soda Shop where you can get yourself a fountain soda in an array of flavors and house-made ice creams, milkshakes and donuts. Food, entertainment, and more importantly the history of a war which we shall not forget make this museum a must visit landmark. 945 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70130, Entrance on Andrew Higgins Drive