Here at Cockpit USA we’re avid storytellers. As proud purveyors of clothing imbued with genuine heritage elements, every one of our pieces is steeped in history and holds a story of its own. As much as we appreciate a pretty face or two, our Pin-Ups Collection of leather jackets is a touch more than that, weaving a very interesting tale of bravery and creativity. It all began during WWII when aircrews took to painting victory tags and patriotic mantras on the sides of their planes as morale boosters and to satisfy superstitions in an era that soon came to be known as the ‘Golden Age’ of nose art. The trend for wartime graffiti soon found its way onto jackets, with hand-painted slogans and curvy vixens clad in very little soon adorning every self respecting pilot’s leather back canvas. Drawing influence from the famous images and riveting back story, Cockpit USA started the Pin-Ups in the early 80s, a collection which includes the iconic 'Las Vegas Lady' and 'Second Chance' A-2 'Good Luck Pin-Up' bombers, paying homage to the valiant pilots who fought in the war. Style with a story; a perfect ending indeed.
An array of genuine crafts emblazoned with nose art can be seen at The American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, New York. This Saturday October 1st is the final chance for aviation enthusiasts to get involved in the C-47 flight experiences this season. It is not to be missed!