B-2 Sheepskin Jacket Z21C106


SKU: 752970043609

The signature Sheepskin B-2 is a new and exclusive Cockpit USA design based on the early 1930s Classic B-2 flight jacket. The original B-2 evolved from the one-piece leather flight suits of the period into a two-piece cold weather flyers ensemble.  It included a wool or shearling lined leather jacket and pant to help pilots stay warm while flying open cockpit aircraft in cold weather, as well as in enclosed cockpits at high altitudes.  Imagined and created with the exterior features of the original B-2, we’ve finely crafted this version out of the highest quality sheepskin for added warmth and comfort. We’ve tailored the B-2 WWI flight jacket with the classic features of the original. The official B-2 would eventually evolve into the US Army Air Force B-3 and RAF Sheepskin jackets which adapted a similar belted design years after.  Our signature Sheepskin B-2 bomber jacket is a unique retrospective with its own function and style based on a history that spans nearly 90 years. Order this warm leather WWI flight jacket from Cockpit USA today.


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  • Seamed leather waistband and belt for keeping the jacket snug
  • Hemmed sleeves including zippered cuffs
  • Chest pocket with concealed snap for functional use
  • Two hand warmer pockets
  • Regular Fit
  • Made in the USA