B-15 Nylon Bomber Jacket Z2213


SKU: 752970933078

Seeing heavy use in the Korean War during 1950-1954 by jet fighter and bomber pilots, the Nylon B-15 bomber jacket became one of the top flight jackets chosen for its warmth and ease of movement in cramped cockpits. Cockpit USA’s nylon B-15 bomber jacket stays true to the original in style and adornments including zip sleeve pen pockets, faux fur collar, leather oxygen tabs and slash pockets for an authentic replication. Perfect for traveling, this blue or green nylong bomber jacket is lightweight and easy to pack. 

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• Military spec nylon flight satin
• Insulated with a polyester fiberfill
• Synthetic fur collar
• Air Force Wing & Star embroidered patch on the left sleeve
• Front zipper over a wind flap
• Snap close side entry pockets
• Mil spec sleeve pen/pencil pocket
• Inside chest pocket
• Knit cuffs and waistband
• This is a regular fit jacket
• Available in 1950s US Air Force Blue or Early Air Force Olive
• Dry clean only.
• Proudly made in the USA.

Since these green or blue nylon bomber jackets are made in the USA, please expect delivery within 2-3 weeks if your size is back ordered as we rush to produce. Should it take longer, we will advise you personally. We appreciate your patience. Know that we produce the best quality flight apparel and want to make sure you are satisfied.