22nd Bombardment Group “Red Raiders™” Tee - Z12B002D


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22nd Bombardment Group “Red Raiders™” - Z12B002D

The “Red Raiders™” Tee

The Red Raiders™, constituted by the 22nd Bombardment Group in 1939, was activated at Mitchel Airfield in 1940. First training in B-18 Bolo Bombers, they would later transition to B-26 Marauders when they moved to Langely Field in 1941. Soon after the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the 22nd Bombardment Group would become one of the first Army Air Force units to be deployed to the Pacific Theater. Operating primarily in the Southwest Pacific as a B-25 bomber unit, this group pioneered the tree top bombing tactics at extreme low level greatly facilitating the island hopping route to protect Australia and would be one of the first units to attack the Japanese in the skies over New Guinea and Rabaul. 

In 1944, the 22nd Bombardment Group would be nicknamed the “Red Raiders™” after their redheaded group commander, Col. Richard W. Robinson and his B-24. While the bearded Viking with winged helmet would not formally become part of the group's heraldry, it was proudly painted on several aircraft and worn in patch form by several group members.

The “Red Raiders™” Tee is a salute to the 22nd Bombardment Group and the servicemen of the USAAF who embarked on this dangerous mission.