Herringbone Waxed Parka Z26C100

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The Cockpit USA Waxed Herringbone Parka is the perfect blend of Tactical and Fashionable. Inspired by the USMC ECWS Parkas first introduced in the 1990s our design team has evolved this tested military cold weather jacket into a perfect cold weather jacket for daily wear in the civilian world. Made from a unique waxed cotton water repellent twill shell featured in USMC Earth White, or Ion Special Ops Black, the herringbone waxed parka is perfect for typical winter cold, and wet weather days. Our herringbone twills design allows it to take on a worn broken in feel and look. Insulated with warm but light weight prima loft our Waxed Cotton Parka Jacket is easy to wear and maintains the functionality of today’s military issue parkas and cold weather uniforms. 

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• Crafted from a unique waxed cotton water repellent twill

• Quilted WWII camouflage patterned parachute cloth lining

• Insulated with PrimaLoft®
• Two front flap snap close pockets

• Left sleeve pocket big enough for a cell phone

• Under sleeve zip open vent

• Two interior pockets
• This is a regular fit jacket

• Available in Earth White and Black
• Dry clean only.

• Proudly made in the USA.