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The history of Chambray textile begins in the mid-1500s, finding its start in what’s called “cambric” fabric, a lightweight plain weave fabric. Originally made in Cambrai France it was used for shirting and handkerchiefs. The English spelling “chambray” used in the early 1800’s, led the way in 1901 when the fabric made its way into American use. The U.S. Navy first allowed the use of chambray in uniform terms in the early 20th century. From then on through World War II, it was commonplace to see sailors wearing pale blue or indigo chambray shirts and denim trousers. In the 1930’s and 40’s workers in the U.S. adopted the shirting fabric, thus giving birth to the term “blue collar.” Chambray is a perfect material; durable, tight enough to prevent sunburn, yet lightweight enough admit air and be fairly cool. Cockpit USA offers four types of chambray shirts all suited to those who need a little more history and homage to service in their wardrobe.

• Crafted from Chambray Fabric
• Two front chest button pockets
• Double button throat latch
• This is a full fit shirt
• Available in grey or teal
• Limited quantity available.