B8 M44 USAF Goggles Z99Y017


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B-8 Goggles

Originally called Sun, Wind, and Dust M-1944 Goggles used by Air Force Pilots, Navy pilots, and tank crewmen alike, Cockpit USA’s latest addition has an interesting history. Starting out as M1944 or B-8 Goggles, depending on the brand, these items have an incredible pedigree having served through WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. A fascinating eyepiece for protection against excessive light and glare, the B-8 M44 USAF Goggles include interchangeable neutral grey tinted lenses which facilitate vision when there is too much light. A contemporary homage to action in the sky or tank, the lightweight WWII B-8 flying goggles can be used on your scooter, motorbike, or while gliding through any street or town. This item is a final sale item and cannot be returned. Order these vintage-style Air Force goggles today!

• Military Elastic Strap
• Interchangeable tinted lenses
• Comfortable Foam eye protector
• This item is final sale and cannot be returned
• Available in Black
• This item is Made in the USA