20mm Bottle Opener Z99B103

By BenShot

SKU: 752970061320

20mm Vulcan Bullet Bottle Opener Z99B103

A real, demilitarized recycled, 20MM Vulcan shell casing made into a really big bottle opener. The aluminum projectiles are expertly milled to exacting specifications. If you own a 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener then you'll really love this cannon round turned bottle opener. Almost 3 times the size of a 50 cal. opener, the 20MM Opener can get any party started and makes a great conversation piece. This 20mm Vulcan bullet bottle opener stands 6.5 inches tall.

This 20MM Vulcan Cannon Round Bottle Opener features:

  • Dimensions: 6.5" tall
  • Made from a genuine once-fired by 20MM cannon round and procured from the US Military
  • The projectile is anodized aluminum and made to original projectile specifications (component may be imported or made in the USA)
  • Assembled in the USA