Award Jacket Z21E105


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The Cockpit USA Award jacket takes us back to the classic styles of the 1950s and 1960s when the evolution of the letterman’s sweater into the Classic Varsity or Award Jacket became an iconic sportswear style. Worn first by High School, College, and professional athletes the Award Varsity jacket soon found its way into everyday fashion and wear whether decorated or kept simple and clean depending on the desire of the wearer. Our Award jacket has all the classic features of the varsity style we all love that includes the Melton wool body, full grain leather sleeves, and the striped knit cuffs and waist band. The Cockpit USA men's varsity style jacket features the pointed collar found on many vintage styles adding to the clean classic lines. Like most Varsity styles the Award jacket also features a quilted lining for warmth and comfort adorned with a signature appliqué with style history. This black letterman's jacket is left as a blank canvas, to be worn as a clean and fitted casual jacket or can be adorned as the heart desires! This signature piece is finely crafted here in our factory proudly made in the USA where the Varsity Style began.

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  • Melton wool exterior with lambskin leather sleeves. 
  • Quilted lining with signature appliqué
  • Side entry pockets 
  • Two inside pockets 
  • Knit cuffs and waistband 
  • This is a regular fit jacket
  • Available in black
  • Proudly made in the USA 

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