Gunmetal RAF Belt Buckle Z99D003


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Gunmetal RAF Belt Buckle Z99D003

Cockpit USA’s R.A.F. Belt Buckle is inspired by the Royal Air Force Queen's Crown insignia. At its height in WWI, the RAF had 300,000 officers and 22,000 aircraft on hand across the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth. By the time WWII started, the RAF was down to about 2,000 aircraft. Despite the minimal number, the Battle of Britain marked one of the RAF’s most defining moments. The nazis had planned to ravage the British ports through air power of their own, however, the British Royal Air Force won the battle with radar technology, air power expertise, phenomenal bravery and sheepskin jackets to keep them warm in the frigid air high in the sky. 

Royal Air Force Belt Buckle:

• Carved Gunmetal tone belt buckle of the Royal Air Force Queen's Crown
• 1.5 by 2 inches
• Imported

These buckles consist of
92% tin
7.75% antimony
.25% copper
trace amounts of sterling silver