Leather Milk® Water Protectant No.3 6oz w pad Z99Y013


SKU: 752970427409

Water Protectant Formula No. 3 is a natural medley of deeply penetrating oils and waxes that both condition and protect leather from malevolent elements. Do you want to protect your quality leather items from the elements? Chamberlain's Leather Milk No. 3 is the perfect solution. It is specifically designed to handle harsh weather conditions, especially rain and snow with deeply penetrating natural oils and waxes that both condition and protect. This recipe works great on boots, shoes, purses, bags, outdoor gear, and motorcycle equipment. Try this leather water protector today! We suggest that customers use the product on a small part of the jacket to see if the effect is satisfactory. These products are not to be used on any finished sheepskin or "antiques".

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