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#CockpitGlobetrotters: Arctic Freediver

Our person of interest this month takes us out of Africa, and into North Norway Arctic. When we launched the Cockpit Globetrotters campaign, some shots from Don Young at Newland,... Read More
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#CockpitGlobeTrotters: The Story Teller

It had been 7 years since Matthew and Jen Landis spent their honeymoon on Safari in Africa. A magical experience that marked the beginning of their adventures together, and a... Read More
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Cockpit USA and Budweiser

Amazing things can result from everyone being committed and passionate about the goal. This is what happened when a project that was originally intended to be a single limited edition... Read More

History of the Souvenir Jacket

The souvenir jacket originated shortly after World War II in occupied Japan. American soldiers who served in the Pacific Theater commissioned these beautifully hand embroidered jackets as a memento of... Read More

75th Anniversary AVG Reunion

Atlanta GA, September 21-25, 2016, Cockpit USA, and the American Airpower museum had the honor of participating in the 75th Anniversary commemoration of the American Volunteer Group (AVG). Two of... Read More

Congratulations to pilot Thom Richard

As you may or may not know, Cockpit USA is a proud Sponsor of Reno Air Race Gold Unlimited Class P-51 Team, "Precious Metal". Cockpit USA would like to take... Read More

MCM: James Herman Banning

The belief that freedom of the sky would help create freedom on the ground made James Herman Banning one of the revolutionaries of his time. Born in 1899 in Oklahoma,... Read More

WCW: Bessie Coleman

A true pioneer of her time, Bessie Coleman was the first female African American pilot and the first African American to hold an international pilot license. Coleman was born in... Read More

Aviator: Harry Atwood

Imagine after three months of your first flying lesson, you set a record breaking flight of 576 miles from Boston to Washington, DC, and land on the lawn of the... Read More

70th Anniversary of D-Day

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Allied soldiers landing on the beaches of Normandy. Without the sacrifice these brave men made, the world would not be where it is today. ... Read More