Aviator: Harry Atwood

Imagine after three months of your first flying lesson, you set a record breaking flight of 576 miles from Boston to Washington, DC, and land on the lawn of the... Read More

70th Anniversary of D-Day

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Allied soldiers landing on the beaches of Normandy. Without the sacrifice these brave men made, the world would not be where it is today. ... Read More
President Obama wearing a Cockpit USA Government Issue A-2 Flight Jacket while visiting troops

President Obama wearing our A-2

President Obama was seen wearing our 21st Century A-2 Flight Jacket, like the one we make for the US Air Force, while visiting troops in Afghanistan for Memorial Day Weekend.... Read More

TBT: 100 Mission A-2 Jacket

We've been making our 100 Mission A-2 Jacket since the late 70s and people still love it's classic, iconic look. How would you wear it? 100 Mission A-2 Jacket from... Read More

Movie Monday: Kelly's Heroes

In a shift from the normal war movies we feature, this Movie Monday's pick is a quirky comedy about a troop of WWII soldiers who go AWOL to rob a... Read More

History Class: Flying Tigers 23rd Fighter Group

  The iconic figures behind the famous Cockpit USA 23rd Fighter Group jacket, the namesake team of pilots and crew from WWII have a colorful and heroic history yearning to... Read More

Visit the Cockpit USA Store!

With Christmas only weeks away, shopping fever is reaching its peak! Whether doing it online or hitting the pavement, we know retail preparation for the holiday season can be a... Read More

Cockpit USA for Hurricane Sandy Relief

  To all our customers,   We are thrilled to inform you all that as of today, November 5th, we are open and back in operation. Due to the effects... Read More

Movie Monday: The Lost Patrol

An adaptation of Philip MacDonald’s novel Patrol, this WWI film tells the tale of eleven British cavalry regiment men led by Sergeant Victor McLaglen, lost and adrift in the Mesopotamian... Read More

Movie Monday: The Young Lions

Based on Irwin Shaw's successful war novel, The Young Lions is a 1958 movie that plays out the fate of three young soldiers during WWII. With a string of old... Read More