B-3 Bomber Jackets

Looking through our inventory, someone could mistake the A-2’s, G-1’s, and many other jackets by referring to them all as “bomber jackets”. However, in the case of the B-3 jackets, these are the real-deal bomber jackets. A little background of the B-3 bomber jackets, they were made of a combination of sheepskin and extremely thick sheep fur as they were intended to keep pilots warm at altitudes reaching over 20,000 feet in the air!

Cockpit USA has continued that iconic style with our own B-3 flight jackets. Our quality sheepskin jackets make for an impressive looking garment that is perfect for the chilly weather. Our jackets are lined with fur all the way around for an extremely comfortable feel on your skin. These jackets truly are a unique look that will attract wandering eyes.

Order one of these great bomber jackets and we know you will experience nothing else like it!