Women's Hooded B-3 Bomber Jacket W72N300


SKU: 752970502625

Cockpit USA has modified the classic WWII B-3 Bomber using suede sheepskin and the addition of a raccoon fur trimmed shearling hood adding extra warmth and protection from the elements. Aside from the luxurious detachable zippered hood, the jacket retains all the original features of our standard women’s B-3. Order today and experience the quality of this women's fur hood bomber jacket!

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• Soft supple double-faced shearling water repellant
• Removable hood lined with raccoon fur
• Leather welted seems
• Brass belted collar
• Waist straps for extra warmth
• Two front pockets
• This is a slim fit jacket
• Available in black, brown, or tan
• Proudly made in the USA.

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Since our items are made in the USA, please expect delivery of your women's fur hood bomber jacket within 2-3 weeks if your size is back ordered as we rush to produce. Should it take longer we will advise you personally. We appreciate your patience. Know that we produce the best quality flight apparel and want to make sure you are satisfied.