Cockpit USA was created with a mission in mind to commemorate history and that mission has since created its own history! A loyal costumer, Renato Quartesan, recently reached out and reminded us how much history Cockpit USA shares with you, our customers. 
Renato sent in a photo of his own Cockpit USA leather bomber jacket collection. His first jacket dates back to the 90s under Avirex, Cockpit USA’s previous label. The first jacket was the Antique Lambskin A-2 which we still offer and is one of our staple WWII-inspired jackets. The jacket is truly timeless and practical with two front-flap snap pockets, two side entry pockets and our intricate “Cockpit Salutes” appliqué on the lining. These features make this the best initial jacket for someone experimenting with a vintage look and interest in historical garments. 

The B-3 Sheepskin was Renato’s second leather jacket purchase for his collection. Our B-3 is a durable and warm jacket, designed to make crew members’ flights more bearable while flying at high altitudes in freezing unpressurized cabins. This jacket, although a boxy silhouette, has two adjustable side belts at the waist for fit and heat control. This historical garment was also modified with side entry pockets for modern functionality by Jeff Clyman in the mid 1970s. 

The vintage, almost “oxidized” looking jacket, the 100 Mission G-1, is a beautifully crafted novelty item created to look like it has been worn and stored since the 1940s. The Jacket is made of treated veg tanned vintage goatskin leather and features an aged mouton shearling collar which makes it an easy jacket to pair with anything in one’s wardrobe - a detail that we believe inspired Renato to add this jacket to his collection! 

Alongside the G-1, Renato also added the 100 mission A-2 Pilot Jacket to his bomber jacket collection. The 100 Misson A-2 Pilot Jacket is made of an antique lambskin that naturally has unique graining to recreate a weather-beaten appearance. With continued wear, the leather jacket will lighten and its texture will become richer, with the patina adding to the vintage characteristics of the jacket. This particular jacket, like all, is made with spectacular attention to detail which can be seen in the snap-down collar and smooth lining located inside of the jacket featuring a large woven “equipment” label.  

For this collector, it is easy to tell that history comes first when choosing his collections' leather bomber jackets. That’s why his following pick for the collection was the WWII Government Issue A-2 Jacket. The story behind this piece is almost as incredible as its sleek design. When the A-2 was originally contracted to take place of the A-1 jacket WWII had not even started yet. The A-2, personalized with service patches easily became one of the most iconic jackets of its time, with veterans wearing the jacket long after the war was over as a symbol of their time in service. Now, it is used as a means to recall a “time past”, and to give people creative liberty to customize their own  jackets just like the aircrews would. Even without customization, the A-2 jacket is perfect for everyday wear with its timeless style and look. 

The standout piece of his leather bomber jackets collection is the RAF Sheepskin Bomber jacket. This jacket will stand out in any room or collection. The beautiful brown sheepskin brought together by its welted leather seams shows all-around cohesion. The jacket is made to keep you warm in whatever conditions life may throw at you while looking great. 

The RAF may be one of the most sought-after jackets in this collection, however, that doesn’t mean the last couple of jackets in this collection lack “what it takes”. The Tokyo Raider Jacket is a perfect example of this. The jacket is incredibly important in commemorating the “Doolittle Raiders". The chest patch and matching lining embroidery honor the “Tokyo Raiders”. The history behind their historic mission is worth investigating. 

A more subtle ode to history in this collection is the B-15 Leather Flight Jacket. This jacket replicates the nylon issue version which started to be manufactured in the early 1960s for Air Force Pilots to have a more convenient jacket while flying. This leather version includes a luxe “deer tanned” cowhide, removable fur collar and a sleeve pen/pencil pocket. This jacket also includes snap closure side entry pockets for easier access while flying. Overall, the B-15 Leather Flight Jacket is an impressive take on the original but is also a great for casual wear. 

Lastly Renato’s leather bomber jackets collection comes to an end with another great jacket, the US Navy Issue Mil Spec Type G-1. The Mil Spec G-1 is standard issue of the US Navy, and has been since the 1930s.  This Jacket keeps all the original specifications of the original that call for the mouton shearling collar, under arm grommets for ventilation, and the front zipper over the USN perforated wind flap. See the G-1 with Removable Collar for an up-dated modern design. 

Overall we are incredibly pleased to see that Cockpit USA shares historical moments with you, our customers and together we create history with each and every jacket. Cockpit USA is the official supplier of the USAF A-2 leather flight jacket and we are the proud sponsors of the American Airpower Museum – “Where we keep history flying!” 
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